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    Want to learn how to follow in the footsteps of the smart money? Or even receive personal mentoring in the favoured market analysis techniques of the world's highest paid hedge fund consultants? Compounding wealth more rapidly than a standard 'buy and hold' investor relies on being skilled in being able to quickly and repeatedly scan, identify, filter, analyse and execute successful investments (or trades).


    Whether your preference is to invest over a long term or aggressively trade and rapidly compound a portfolio, this system incorporates multiple layered slight edges that add up to a tremendous advantage over the market. This state of the art discretionary portfolio manager's toolkit is taught by leading industry financial planner, master analyst and finance industry lecturer Alexander Straker DipFP, AdvDipFP, DipNLP, Dip.Ed, B.Mus.


    IFE's courses provide a modular 3 step analysis approach that has a proven track record of genuine outperformance. Each of the 3 methodologies alone provides a powerful market edge, when combined together they are formidable and provide multiple layered market edges coming from different perspectives.


    There is no shortcut to gaining a deep knowledge and practical ability to successfully analyse various markets. It can take many years to thoroughly research various methodologies, apply the knowledge and eventually develop a genuine, sustainable market edge.


    IFE's self-paced 6 month market education course has been developed by a group of finance industry professionals and lecturers and is designed to 'cut to the chase'. This course will save you years of searching and takes you straight to the heart of what works in the real world of discretionary investing and trading.


    IFE provides every student with personalised ongoing support, feedback and mentorship as they develop this most valuable skill set. Once the course is completed, students are invited to have a sample of their analysis graded by IFE's leading analyst and receive detailed feedback.


    Check out the sample videos for some insights as to what is contained in our technical analysis Market Geometry course.


    All Ordinaries Index (XAO)


    4 FEB 18





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    S&P500 index (SPY)

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    'Footsie' Index (FTSE)

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    Daxx Index (DAXX)

    Recent Violent Fall Forecast Publically In advance - See 'IMPORTANT MARKET NEWS' link above

    All Ordinaries Index (XAO)


    Using Scaled Geometry to Accurately Pinpoint the Post GFC Market Low

  • the 3 step layered

    market analysis edge

    Leading analyst Alexander Straker has been fortunate to have been personally mentored over the past 15 years by one of the leading US Hedge Fund consultants in the discretionary investor/ trader's ultimate methodology known as Market Geometry.


    Through his amassed years of research as a finance industry professional and lecturer Alex has over 10,000 hours of technical analysis experience. With Market Geometry as it's core, Alex has developed a complete system taught in 4 courses moving from the foundation step of learning to correctly read & interpret relative strength and market rotation, then on to statistical probability based volatility analysis and finally the master trader's pure charting method, Market Geometry. It is not necessary to master all 3 levels to gain an effective market edge as each method is effective on it's own, however combining them significantly increases your ability to accelerate the compounding process.


    This complete system has been designed for quickly identifying, filtering and confirming the market opportunities available at any given time. The genius of the system is the 3 step confirmation process that ensures any identified opportunity has been carefully filtered:

    1. Relative strength and rotation
    2. Statistical volatility
    3. Market Geometry

    Please refer to 'The Market Whisperer' blog below for examples of this 3 step analysis in the current market updates.


    The Market Geometry methodology has stood the test of time in multiple markets and conditions and proven to hold an evergreen edge in a world of constantly changing market conditions. Originally developed and practiced by master traders Roger Babson and Dr Alan Andrew's, Babson was reported to have amassed a personal fortune in excess of 50 million dollars using this methodology. The combined 3 courses include detailed education on:

    • How to develop the habits of a market professional
    • Risk and money management
    • Leverage and how to use it wisely
    • Creating you trading plan
    • How to identify sector rotations (where the smart money is moving out of and in to)
    • Filtering opportunities using relative strength 
    • Statistical volatility based techniques
    • Non-scaled market geometry techniques
    • Scaled (advanced) market geometry techniques
    • Principles and relationship between price and time
    • Understanding 'price time squaring' through correct scaling


    Although not essential, it is an advantage if the participant has a basic knowledge of what a price-time chart is and how to read it (reading price action, applying drawing tools and basic understanding of money management). For those with less experience, a short video course on chart reading basics is also provided (also available in our basic level subscription).


    Please take a few minutes to watch the sample videos provided for some insights as to what is contained in this course. Current examples of analysis can be found in The Market Whisperer blog.



    understanding relative strength

    Equally relevant for both longer term investors and shorter term traders, relative rotation analysis provides an ideal way of quickly filtering market opportunities to discover which stocks, currencies or commodities are currently demonstrating the most relative strength.


    Even in a bear market, experienced investors know there is merit in trading on indications of strength and having the ability to pinpoint where this strength is provides a significant edge.


    Relative strength analysis is the ideal methodology to apply for this purpose and is accomplished through comparing 2 or more markets and using specially developed charting platform tools.


    An extension to this method is known as relative rotation graphs (RRG), an advanced yet simple to lean way of measuring relative strength developed by technical analysis pioneer Julius Kempenaer.


    Below is an example of what a relative rotation graph looks like and a video introduction to what they represent. To learn more about how to understand RRG's please subscribe to The Market Whisperer blog.



  • The Market wHISPERER

    ASX Stocks


    Journal Recording Results From the Blog and Private Subscription Service Analysis with Progressive Results


    Important Note: Current P/L may not represent up to the minute market pricing

    EVN 21DEC16

    Long @ 1.72


    Closed 1/2 position @ $2.49

    for gain of 44.7%

    NCM 21DEC16

    Long @ 17.60


    Closed 1/2 position @ $24.02

    for gain of 36.4%

    NST 21DEC16

    Long @ 3.13


    Closed 1/2 position @ $5.00

    for gain of 59.7%

    RRL 21DEC16

    Long @ 2.48


    Closed 1/2 Position @ $3.52

    for gain of 41.9%


    Long @ 6.83



  • The Market wHISPERER

    Currency & Commodity


    Journal Recording Results From the Blog and Private Subscription Service Analysis with Progressive Results


    Important Note: Current P/L may not represent up to the minute market pricing

    GBPJPY 13JUN17

    Long @ 1.40


    Closed 1/3rd position @ 1.42

    for gain of +200 pips



    Closed position


    for gain of 700 pips




    EURNZD 13JUN17

    Long @ 1.5450


    Closed Position


    for gain of 400 pips



    Long @ 1.68


    Closed position


    for breakeven


    Long @ 1.4640


    Closed position


    for a gain of 400 pips


  • The Market Whisperer

    Current educational analysis of market conditions, sector rotations, volatility, market geometry with technical analysis updates published weekly. An outstanding resource for anyone looking to grow in their understanding of how best to manage portfolio assets and identify well defined opportunities. Includes ASX indices and stocks, currencies and commodities. Please understand how difficult of a task using past information to predict the future actually is and carefully read the disclaimer below.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: The information provided in 'The Market Whisperer' Blog and 'The Market Whisperer Trade Journal' is general information. These publications are presented for educational purposes only, and do not represent a market tipping service or advice, IFE's aim is to teach clients how to understand markets and make better decisions through high quality education. The Market Whisperer Trade Journal Examples provided do not publish suggested stop loss levels as setting a stop loss is a personal decision that should be made according to your individual risk tolerance and trading plan. IFE teaches that stop losses are optional for long term accumulation investors trading without leverage, however leveraged position traders should always use a stop loss. Investing or trading in any market carries the risk of loss. IFE advocates seeking professional advice before making any investment or trading decisions.

  • Financial wealth is not a Result of investing

    Welcome to IFE, leading industry specialists in financial education for all age groups and levels of experience. From the keen market student just starting down the road to wealth to the most sophisticated and experienced investor, IFE's articles and courses are authored and delivered by a group of highly qualified financial industry professionals lead by financial planner, master analyst and finance industry lecturer Alexander Straker DipFP, AdvDipFP, DipNLP, Dip.Ed, B.Mus.


    "The difference between people who are financially successful and those who are not is their financial management psychology, skill set and habits." Alexander Straker


    Alex advocates that simply purchasing investments is not the road to wealth, personal skills are the true key. IFE have focussed on delivering the key financial information needed to help you acquire the most valuable skills to becoming a prudent financial decision maker. Acquiring, structuring correctly and managing a significant asset portfolio takes a complex and broad skill set, hence why so much of our society's wealth is managed by funds management professionals and rightly so. In an online world of competing information of varying quality and accuracy it is important to seek out true expertise.


    Our group of finance industry professionals have recognised the growing need for a strategy focussed, common-sense source of practical financial education that is thorough, realistic, achievable, legitimate and trustworthy.


    IFE is continually working to deliver the highest quality educational wealth coaching content. One area that is tremendously important for any wealth builder's skill set is to gain an understanding of how to conduct analysis of world markets. This is clearly a very deep topic indeed and our comprehensive investing & trading courses provide an excellent pathway for anyone with aspirations to actively accelerate their personal journey to wealth.


    Gaining insights in to the likely future outcomes of a particular strategy is not an easy thing with many complex financial calculations involved. IFE advocates seeking professional advice to clearly understand where you are going financially and what you can do about it. Self-education, however, also has it's place and will greatly enhance your ability to grow wealth in co-operation with your trusted mentors and advisers.


    The royal road to A

    comprehensive wealth plan

    Despite media hype to the contrary, building wealth is not as simple as buying the right investments. A far more sophisticated approach is required if you are serious about being a member of the elite 1% who achieve a self-funded retirement and true financial freedom.


    With the looming retirement of Australia's baby boomers the Australian government has been drawing more and more attention to the fact that there is going to have to be changes in the pension and retirement legislation to enable sustainability for those still reliant on government or family support in retirement (the majority of Australians).


    Legislative risk, debt considerations, strategic tax advantages, legal and personal risk protection, asset allocation, and a mountain of other considerations each requiring detailed research can quickly become overwhelming and result in an extended period of procrastination and lack of financial progress or needless exposure to risks.


    True wisdom built on proven principles of wealth building so fundamental to success they could be called 'natural laws of financial progress' dictates that there are 9 key financial areas to consider in a comprehensive plan:

    1. Goal setting
    2. Management of personal living costs
    3. Cash flow structure & management
    4. Debt structure & management
    5. Superannuation & retirement planning
    6. Estate Planning
    7. Insurance
    8. Tax strategy
    9. Investment portfolio

    Consider for a moment whether you have all of these areas effectively structured and managed. Also consider whether you have ever had your financial life professionally mapped out going forward to give you an accurate picture of your financial future based on your personal circumstances and current structure.


    For example: If your desire is to retire at age 60 with an self-funded income of $60,000 per annum in today's dollars value to support yourself, are you on track towards that goal? Our preferred financial planning service HTRE can help you find out.

    Is Your Production greater than your Consumption?

    Fundamentally wealth has always emerged from a single key habit that a small percentage of people have as part of their natural character. That is the habit of producing more than you consume on a regular basis. Whether that be direct income productivity or productivity in a different sense leading to a delayed reward, the fundamental habit of savings (or other stored productivity value) is always going to be the first principle and cornerstone of wealth building.


    One of the most powerful habits you will ever develop is your ability to take control over your forward budget and plan to pay yourself an allowance in order to ensure you are preserving part of every regular pay cheque that comes in and then using that fundamental savings habit to drive further financial progress through debt reduction, regular asset accumulation, leveraged strategies, tax efficient structuring and so forth.


    Our modern Australian society has changed markedly over the past 20 years with rapid advances in technology, massive house price increases in many areas, and household debt now a relatively high percentage in relation to income.


    Many new clients of IFE give us feedback that they have never before had a written and defined budget plan let alone an automated financial structure to control the forward budgeting and a cash flow process. A lot of these people come to us wanting to hear that the answer to their financial problems is going to come through investing and often the truth is that what they really need to do as a first step is take back control of their own personal cash flow and make it work harder.

    Keen for an Early Retirement?

    How To Retire Early are IFE's preferred financial planning service. HTRE have a proven track record as a leading specialist in accelerated wealth building. With many client testimonials available and a proven track record of results, HTRE is truly changing lives for the better.

    • Leading adviser has over 12 years experience and is an industry lecturer in financial services subjects
    • High level of client care and education
    • Proprietary detailed cash flow ‘life-mapping’ for complex structures and arrangements
    • Regular independent market updates and education for clients
    • Expertise in appropriate and risk-managed use of leverage
    • Independent advice provider not tied to major institution
    • No up front or ongoing commissions charged on investments
    • No percentage based fees, set fee for service only
    • One stop shop for financial services, highly comprehensive and convenient
    • Friendly and convenient high level of service
    • Track record of proven results


    *Special offer: Initial Consultation Fee Waived for all client referrals from IFE, contact us now to arrange your consultation.



  • IFE Subscription and Course information

    The Market Whisperer - Annual subscription with content delivered weekly includes:

    • Exclusive market updates by The Market Whisperer
    • Follow the major market themes using sector and currency rotations
    • Specific current market analysis examples featuring ASX stocks & indices, currencies and commodities


    Course 1 - Relative Strength and Rotation

    • Comparing 2 markets using a relative strength chart
    • How to filter the market and identify opportunities quickly using relative rotation
    • Taking advantage of long term investment trends using relative rotation
    • Interpreting the shape and position of relative rotations
    • Strategic decision making for accumulation investors using relative strength and rotation
    • Many examples of analysis on various indices, stocks, currencies and commodities


    Course 2 - Statistical Volatility Analysis

    • What is statistical volatility?
    • Finding probable support and resistance zones using volatility analysis
    • Identifying oversold and overbought market condition
    • Interpretation of volatility based charts
    • Where to find the latest volatility research and proof of the edge this approach provides
    • Many examples of analysis on various indices, stocks, currencies and commodities


    Course 3 - Market Geometry Master Method

    • 25 Market Geometry Course content videos delivered online
    • Personal 1 hour initial mentoring session with The Market Whisperer to introduce and explain the course
    • Additional 2 x 1 hour mentoring sessions with The Market Whisperer (organised at student's discretion)
    • 6 Months personal support via email while you learn
    • Learn to apply the master traders method Market Geometry in modern markets
    • Course content covers more than just the charting techniques and includes vital information on Money Management, Leverage, Psychology, and more.
    • Invitation to submit up to 3 examples your analysis for professional grading and feedback


    Course 4 - Advanced Market Geometry

    • The master Geometer's chart scaling techniques
    • The key scaling formula and why the past masters were so interested in relationships between numbers
    • Applying Newton's law in the market
    • Interpreting action-reaction price movement
    • The basic vector and how to plot scaled price time squaring lines
    • The circle and ripple effect
    • Combining the vector and circle
    • The square and using the scaled box growth sequence
    • Arcs and intersections
    • Interpreting price reactions to price time squaring lines
    • Due to the sensitive nature of the course information Course 4 is strictly only taught via direct personal instruction over 5 hour long sessions,  A PDF support document for key scaling mathematical formulae and how to apply them are provided.  Students are required to sign a non disclosure agreement to preserve the integrity of these techniques.

    Course 4 - Advanced Market Geometry
    Course 2 - Statistical Volatility Analysis
    Course 1 - Relative Strength and Rotation
    The Market Whisperer - Industry Grade Technical Analysis Annual Subscription
    Course 3 - Market Geometry Master Method
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